What is "Silly Scriptures"?

The originial idea for This comic came when I had just become a born-again Christian, serving my country in the Army. I had befriended a chaplain who gave me the idea of coming up with a cartoon where there was a humerous outlook on a part of the bible. It was designed to help those that couldn't understand the bible to learn about it while enjoying it at the same time. It took several years and lots of soul searching before I finally got the courage and skill to actually bring it to life.

Silly Scriptures is not designed to insult the bible, Christians or Jewish faith. It is designed to be funny as well as informative, since it gives a person a new look at the bible.

About the Author

I am a born again christian, as well as a graduate of the Art institute of Portland with a Bachelors in Media Arts and Animation. During my tenure there, I realized that animation wasn't my skill, but cartooning and characters are more my speed. A big fan of syndicated comics like B.C. and Garfield, I felt I could best use my talents to create a free webcomic, hoping one day to bring it out to mainstream and make a living off of my 'ministry'.

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